"Gonzalez's Elizabeth is a formidable presence." and "She's as strong as they come."


--Ran Xoa, Theasy.com - "Old Names for Wildflowers" 


"Alexandra Gonzalez as Elizabeth, the mother, gives a solid performance as the woman trying to grapple with lost love and unrequited pining. She perfectly epitomizes a cold hardy rose managing to bloom even in the harshest conditions"

--Jacqueline Claire, Stagebiz..com -- "Old Names for Wildflowers" 



"Their friends Paulinka, a glamorous but drug-addled star (Alexandra Gonzalez) and Gregor "Baz," a gay man (David Guiden) provide fine performances as actors whose lives are changed radically by the political situation"


--Nancy Bishop, Gaper's Block-- "A Bright Room Called Day"


"The talented, tireless quartet made up of Kyrie Anderson, Kristine Burdi, Alexandra Gonzalez and Colette Todd, whose sweet harmonies are the production's greatest asset."


-- The Daily Herald - "The Bikinis"


"Alexandra Gonzalez makes a graceful, childlike Ariel...displaying a clear voice, Ms. Gonzalez makes a winsome, lovable Little Mermaid."


-- Colin Douglas, The Chicago Theatre Review - "The Little Mermaid" 

2010 - present

2010 - present