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Recent Projects 

June 2021 

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The MA's just finished up our last production before the summer break, The Beau Defeated-- our Restoration project. In addition to that production we did a concert version of Spring Awakening (in which I had the pleasure of playing Ilse) and I had the pleasure of recording some voiceover for the upcoming film, Maybe One Day. Check back here for upcoming news regarding release and festival information. 

The third term of the 2020-2021 school year has closed out with a presentation of our thesis. My creative partner and I presented our 40 min one act musical. A feminist re-imagining of Shakespearean heroines. Giving a voice to those who previously have been left voiceless, and re-writing their stories. Check back here for updates, as we are reworking it and will be submitting it to festivals in the coming year! 

Oct 2020-April 2021 

Having now the opportunity to return to in person learning, we  are exploring three classical texts in rep and performing them in quick succession in April. Richard II , The Dog in the Manger, and the Duchess of Malfi. What an adventure and joy it is to jump back in with three plays to sink our teeth into! 

September 2020

Banana Season, the most recent feature I was lucky enough to be a part of finished up it 's 8th film festival on the festival circuit. And is NOW AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING. You can find it on Amazon Prime (US and UK) , IMDB TV, Xumo, and Tubi! 


Feel free to watch it on Amazon Prime here.

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