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Big news! The last feature I did, (which was shot in beautiful Chicago, IL) just finished up it 's 8th film festival on the festival circuit. Thanks to everyone who saw Banana Season in September and check here for any news about where to purchase the film or future distribution.


Feel free to watch the trailer here.

Past Reviews

 "Unlike some musicals like “The Sound of Music” which sugar coats the subject matter, “Lili Marlene” deals with it head on, which is a tricky thing to do in a musical.  Still, it turns out to be a very interesting new perspective on life during the rise of Hitler in the heart of Berlin, as the story delves into the lives of the German upper class, and in particular the royal families, working and living in this dangerous and frightening pre-war world. 


The play, nonetheless, is at its best musically and vocally. The casting for the most part is excellent, and vocally the entire ensemble is spot on.The ensemble is also enjoyable to watch and they manage to do quite a lot with this relatively small stage. "

  -- Roger Gonzalez, Local Theatre NY    - "Lili Marlene the Musical" 

"Blowers has cast a highly skilled and talented cast. They deliver the songs and dances with high energy and vibrancy. They give life to a world that is on the verge of mass destruction. Lili Marlene tells the story of love during this horrific time in history. It puts a sweet twist on how love is possible even in the dreariest of times. "  -- Yani Perez, Off Off Online  - "Lili Marlene the Musical" 

"The talented, tireless quartet made up of Kyrie Anderson, Kristine Burdi, Alexandra Gonzalez and Colette Todd, whose sweet harmonies are the production's greatest asset." -- The Daily Herald - "The Bikinis"
"A recent graduate of CCPA at Roosevelt University, Alexandra Gonzalez makes a graceful, childlike Ariel. Sporting a long, crimson wig and displaying a clear voice, Ms. Gonzalez makes a winsome, lovable Little Mermaid." -- Colin Douglas, The Chicago Theatre Review - "The Little Mermaid" 
"Their friends Paulinka, a glamorous but drug-addled star (Alexandra Gonzalez) and Gregor "Baz," a gay man (David Guiden) provide fine performances as actors whose lives are changed radically by the political situation" --Nancy Bishop, Gaper's Block-- "A Bright Room Called Day" 

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